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Please let me know how you think I'm doing with Bass! Especially since I take a fair bit of poetic license concerning his characterization, since...he doesn't get much otherwise. Classic 16-bit villain and all.
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I'm not sure if I just lost his voice or if he's a poor first character to app, but Bass just isn't working out here. :C

BASICALLY IT'S NOT YOU DARLINGS, IT'S ME. Hopefully I'll be back at a later date with a different robot a different character. UNTIL THEN, ADIEU.

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Ha ha ha. Hahahahaha!

Hey JAK. Let's fight again; I'll grind that freak face of yours right into the Goddamn ground.

I mean, what else is there to fucking do anymore?! Everyone's dead anyway. Haha! Nothing left to do but duke it out and find out who's the best on the ship, since supposedly we're all that's left.

I'll start with you, Jak. This'll be fun.
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[Open Commentlog]

[Bass is sitting outside of Mimmi's room on Deck 6. He has his legs drawn up, his head between his knees and his hands over his ears. Every so often his shadow will pipe up and hiss or laugh.]


Stare, Now that's weird, ...you mean it?


Hey, Danny's owner, here's a tip for you since you're obviously a hopeless fuckup.

If you want a weapon to be useful, you should probably fix it when it's broken. Unless you happen to have lots of other damaged people lying around just waiting to be exploited.

Oh like I give a fuck.

[Closed Commentlog]

[Bass hasn't seen Danny around in a while. He's purposefully been hanging around his room occasionally to make sure he's been doing what he's been told, but when he doesn't see Danny leave his room for food or anything like that he starts getting pissed.

Why the fuck does he even bother? Stupid beast can't even do what he's told.

So after a while -once he gets those repairs from his fight with Jak- he marches on over to Danny's door and pounds on it with a fist, uncaring if he's startling him out of sleep.]

Danny! Get the fuck up. What the hell have you been doing?